LAVic 2020 AGM and Conference – Summary

Sharing the knowledge not the virus!

Knox LAC had a number of representatives at the LAVIC annual Conference which ran from Monday 17th August 2020 – Saturday 22nd August 2020. With the current restrictions in place the conference this year was held online culminating in an online awards ceremony on Saturday Night.

The theme for this years conference was – shared learnings between the Association and its Centres, fostering connections and driving the progress of our sport via online resources exclusive to 2020

Each of day of the conference had a number of online evening sessions, ranging from centre management, finance, marketing sessions, to coaching, competition and rules and updates to what the season will look like in a COVID 19 environment.

The key takeaways from the conference are:

Calendar for 2020-21 Season

  •  Season start date has NOT  been finalised. LAVIC are working on a number of calendar options. This will be dependant on Government advice and what is permitted following current COVID 19 restrictions ending. Season dates will be sent out as soon as they can.
  • LAVIC are expecting delays to the start of the season and are working to minimise the impact on the season.
  • There may be different season start dates for regional and metro centres.
  • Australian Little Athletics Championship has been scheduled for 23 and 24 April 2021 in Melbourne.  LAVIC are working the various calendar options back from that date.
  • It is planned to have a full calendar and schedule relays, Combined Event and the Regional and State Championship.
  • No venues have been booked for major events. LAVIC will be working to secure locations once venues are allowed to take bookings. This may mean that new locations for certain competitions may be used. 
  • A number centres confirmed that they are not planning on running their open days.

COVID 19 and Restrictions

  • COVID 19 protocols will need to be agreed to by centres prior to a centre being able to accept registrations for the 2020-21 season. 
  • Protocols will be based on those published in May will likely only need minor amendments to meet Government requirements.
  • LAVIC is currently negotiating will suppliers of Hand Sanitiser etc, to help supply centres with the needs to meet protocols.
  • No advice has been received form government as to return to play restrictions or requirements on gatherings at outdoor venues.

Fees and Marketing

  • LAVIC have agreed to reduce the LAVIC component of the fees by 15% for returning athletes. This was in support of athletes and recognition that last season was abruptly ended with no T&F Championships or Cross Country Event.
  • LAVIC will begin advertising shortly for the upcoming season.
  • LAVIC will provide support to centres for marketing materials and key messages for the upcoming season.

Competition and Coaching

  • Clarification provided on recent rule changes introduced. 
  • LAAust and LAVIC are in the process of aligning competition rules with updated competition rules recently released by World Athletics. 
  • Relays, T&F Regional and State Champs will move to Timed Finals.
  • Relays will now include  a Swedish relay. Other changes to Relays including limitation of substitutions will be implemented. 
  • Multiclass athletes will be included competition at relays, T&F regionals and state events including at State Combined Event with Multiclass athletes competing across 4 events.
  • Mutliclass athletes will be grouped in age groups of U9-10, U11-12, U13-16 at regional and state events.
  • Cross Country distances are being reviewed and will be standardised. More information about this will be provided prior to the 2021 Season.
  • LAVIC has received a grant to improve and attract more women to coaching and support coaching and education.
  • Coaching programs will be scheduled throughout the season to fit-in with  the season calendar.
  • For athletes interested in the Junior Development Squad, the JDS program will go ahead when permitted. JDS qualifying requirements will be published shortly.

In summary, they key message is that we have to flexible with the upcoming season and recognise that things may change quickly. The KLAC Executive Committee will provide more information as LAVIC releases details of the upcoming season.  Knox LAC had already signed onto and met the COVID 19 protocols for return to play earlier in the year, we already have a head start and will ensure that our COVID19 protocols are in place and up to date, so that we wont be further delayed when the season does start.

If anyone has any questions on the conference please do not hesitate to contact the Committee, or if you would like to see the conference presentations they can be found here


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