Competition > Winter Cross Country

Cross Country runs from April through to August each year, after Track and Field.
Competition is on Saturday mornings at 9am, and is usually finished by 11am.

We meet at various locations around the Knox area.
Dates and locations are listed on our calendar.
Parents also have an opportunity to do a few ‘training runs’ during the season.
It’s lots of fun for athletes and parents.


JellsParkNorth  JellsParkSouth KnoxPark  NortonsPark  TirhatuanPark Eastfield Park

Lysterfield Lake  Lewis Park  KoombaPark 

Events and Program Race Order

Athletes run the distance allocated to their age group. The order of events is listed at each meet.

Start times for each age group are not set. A start time is ONLY set for the first event, at 9:00 am.

Please note: Little Athletics Victoria have advised that parent races are not permitted. Knox LAC has not scheduled any parent races for the season.


Weekly and Open Day results are available for the current and past 3 seasons.

Join in!

Knox Athletes: If you were registered with Knox LAC for Track and Field this season, you are already registered for Cross Country. Nothing to pay. Just bring your current number patch and be ready to run!

New Athletes: If you haven’t done Cross Country before, come and give it a try! Come to an event and see one of our volunteers at the registration/recording desk. For information about joining up, see the Register page.

Other Centres: Registered athletes from other LAVic centres are welcome to participate at normal meets. Just bring your current number patch and check-in at the registration/recording desk so athlete details can be recorded.

Family Duty: Little athletics does not happen without the help of volunteers. Knox families are asked to do duty at two or three meets during the Cross Country season. Sherbrooke and Waverly should both fill one duty position each week. Families from other centres are also encouraged to do duty. Duty may include course marshalling, timing, ticketing or helping out in the canteen. Families that do not do duty, risk their child/ren missing out on Knox Championship Day at the end of the season.

Training: See the Winter Cross Country coaching page.

Some rules!

  • NO RUNNING UP. Athletes can only run in the event assigned to their age group.
  • All athletes must be registered with LAVic for the purpose of insurance.
  • Patches are required by ALL ATHLETES. NO PATCH, NO START!
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn – no spikes, no footy boots, no bare feet.
  • Adults cannot run in childrens races.
  • Parents or past athletes interested in running as a hare or slug should contact Mike Kerr.
  • Family duty is compulsory. Please put your name on the list or see one of the officials.
  • KLAC behaviours policies apply to athletes, parents and officials at all Cross Country Events.