Our Photographers

Knox LAC Official Photographers have been authorised by the Knox LAC Executive and all have completed a Working with Children check. All photographers use their own equipment, at no cost to the Knox Little Athletics Centre, and spend many hours after the events processing the photographs and making them available to the Knox website.

While the centre ensures that photographers are rostered each week our photographers are usually involved in other club and centre activities. So photos are generally taken when time permits. As such, photos taken depends on what events are actually being conducted at the time so there is no formal attempt to strike an even balance of boys/girls/age group/events or clubs.

To ensure all events run smoothly and for safety reasons, only authorised Knox LAC photographers (wearing the green Knox LAC photographer’s tops) are permitted to take photos from inside the track and fence.

Parents and family members are welcome to take photos of their own children and must do so from outside the perimeter fence.