How to Register

We recommend that you try out Little Aths before registering.

Come to one of our official ‘Come and Try’ or ‘Bring a friend’ days (see the Calendar) or you can come to one of the regular competition days. Little Athletics Victoria does offer a two week trial. This will give prospective athletes a chance to see if they like it before they commit to the season.

If you wish to trial at athletics you can register as a trialing athlete click the link below

Note: Prospective athletes are welcome to try Little Aths, provided they have not previously attended or registered with Little Aths.

LAVic will provide the Centre your details as part if the registration process and the Knox LAC Registrar will email you prior to your first week of trailing with all the relevant details for the day.

If you have any other questions please contact the Registrar at

You may also like to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, for a variety of information for prospective athletes and their families.


2022-23 Full Season Costs (includes Winter Cross Country) are:

  • $215 for the first athlete in the family*
  • $160 for each additional athlete in the same family

*Includes $30 Working Bee Levy, refundable after attending a working bee.

There is a fee reduction for those that join after 9 January 2023. Fee after this date is reduced to $135 for the rest of the track and field season. (includes registration for Cross Country Season)

2023 Winter Cross Country Season Only – $65 per athlete

All registrations must be submitted and paid online with Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic). Registrations and payments of fees are not taken by the centre.

Cancellations and Refunds

Registrations can be cancelled at any time. Refunds are only processed if the athlete has not attended a meet as a financial member (submitted and paid rego).


Registering with Little Athletics Victoria

To register: Go to and either click MEMBERSHIP or goto MEMBER PORTAL

New athletes

You must provide proof of age to the Centre when registering for the first time. This should be provided at the athlete’s first meet or you can email proof of age to the Knox LAC registrar

To register as a new member, there is two methods

  2. Click NEW MEMBER.
  3. When finding closest centre click on Knox Little Athletics Centre
  4. Review the age requirements Then Click Next Step
  5. Review Proof of Age Information.
  6. When ready to progress, click  Trial Member offer
  7. Choose Option A to Trial or Choose Option B to register as a new member
  8. Then follow the prompts.

Alternative method:

  1. Goto the Member Portal
  2. Click NEW Registration
  3. At Centre select Knox Little Athletics Centre.
  4. At Club, select the club you wish to join.
  5. Then follow the following prompts.

Returning athletes

You will receive an email from LAVic with login details. If you do not receive an email or do not know your login details, you can request them online.

To renew your membership, head to the member portal on the LAVic website and login then follow the prompts.

If you require assistance registering, please contact LAVic on 03 9960 8600