Knox CC Champs Day and Presentation Night

Champs Day

Championship Day will be held on Saturday 9 August at Jells Park North (Waverley Road entry) and is open to ALL registered athletes – from Knox and other centres. The day is run like any normal day of competition with the addition of qualified Knox athletes (participated at 60% or more CC comp days) also vying for medals and bragging rights within their age group. The medals are handed out later that day at our end of season Presentation Night.

Presentation Night

Presentation Night kicks off at 7pm at St Joseph’s Hall, Boronia (note the later start time this year) and the theme for the evening is to come along as your “Favourite Book Character”. This is a great way to wrap up our cross country season and I encourage all families to grab some nibbles and drinks (and don’t forget to bring the kids as well) and get along to St Joey’s Hall for a relaxed and enjoyable evening. See the flyer for more info.

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State CC Champs Wrap Up

Well done to all the Knox athletes who competed at the State Championships last weekend and a big thank you to those parents who assisted with duty. You can check out the photos. This coming Saturday, we return to normal competition at Tirhatuan Park and it would be good to see all athletes in attendance for their last run before Championship Day.

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Little Athletics Program for Schools (LAPS)

While the Commonwealth Games are held in Glasgow, the Knox Little Athletics Centre invites schools in the Knox region to participate in the Little Athletics Program for Schools – LAPS.

The program involves an Athletics Development Officer (ADO) from Little Athletics Victoria and a representative from the Knox Little Athletes Centre visiting schools and conducting a modified athletics session.

The program:

  • Provides a fun packed athletics session for students in Prep to Grade 4.
  • Activities teach fundamental motor and athletics skills, that are age appropriate and caters for all ability levels.
  • Sessions are 45 minutes each, and limited to 30 students (one class) per session, up to 6 sessions per day.
  • Enables schools to create a direct link with the Knox Little Athletics Centre.
  • On successful completion of the program and after a copy of the school’s newsletter advertising Little Athletics is sent to LAVic, a free CD resource is supplied.

If you would like the LAPS to visit your school, please complete the booking form and send it to If you are a student wanting us to visit your school, you can print the form and hand it to your PE teacher.

For more information, please contact Claire Lillie (School Liaison Co-ordinator) on 0421 300 467.

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CC Open Day Wrap-up

Last Saturday, 330 athletes from more than 20 different centres converged on Nortons Park for the annual Knox Open Day. Continue reading

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State CC Champs – Sat26Jul – Time table

For event order and start times, see the schedule of events.

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Pre-Season Sprint and Throws Coaching

Mike Donato’s sprint and throws squad has started pre-season training.

  • Mon (off site) 5:15-6:45pm Sprints – testing, speed, acceleration & agility
  • Wed (Aths track) 5:00-6:30pm Sprints – speed endurance
  • Sun (Aths track) 8:30-10:30am Throws (shot, discus, jav & hammer) – with Mark Beovich

For more details, please see the flyer or contact Mike on 0414 888 563 or

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Save the dates!

We have an huge season planned and this is just the start.

Add these dates to your calendar. More information will be provided closer to the date.

Saturday 6Sep
- Registration day @ Knox

Sunday 7Sep
- Introduction to coaching course @ Doncaster

Saturday 20Sep
- Chief officials training @ Knox
- Tryout day @ Knox
- U11 Skills clinic @ Nunawading

Sunday 28Sep
- Working bee @ Knox

Saturday 4Oct
- Track & Field season starts @ Knox
– LA Vic 50th anniversary dinner – Melbourne

Sunday 5Oct
- On Track Workshop @ Knox for parents coaching young children
- JDS Day 1 @ Knox

Sunday 12Oct
- Introduction to Officiating @ Knox
- Introduction to Starting @ Knox
- Introduction to coaching course @ Box Hill

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Cross Country Open Day Registrations

When is it: Saturday 19July14. First event starts at 10am.
Where is it: Nortons Park – Enter via Nortons Ln off High Street (Melways 72A2).
How do I register: Fill out the entry form and take it with your entry fee to the rego tent on Saturday.
Duty Roster: KLAC Families Duty Roster

Registered athletes
218 – As at 14 July 2014.
Registrations received after this date will be processed with on-day registrations.
Please check details to ensure athletes are in the correct age group and their names are correct. Please advise the volunteers at the rego tent on the day.

Surname Given Name B/G Age Group Centre
Lovass Murray Boy U11 Box Hill
Lovass Peter Boy OPEN Box Hill
Collard Aiden Boy U8 Caulfield
Miller Samantha Girl U15 Caulfield
O’Brien Genevieve Girl U11 Caulfield
Tanga Oscar Boy U8 Cockatoo
Bisbane Georgie Girl U7 Croydon
Bloom Remy Boy U6 Croydon
Brisbane Jack Boy U9 Croydon
Dalgarno Grace Girl U6 Croydon
Doyle Anthea Girl U6 Croydon
Doyle Lucinda Girl U7 Croydon
Doyle Ryley Girl U10 Croydon
Grima Andrea Girl OPEN Croydon
Halkidis David Boy U6 Croydon
Halkidis Harry Boy U8 Croydon
Major Nicola Girl U12 Croydon
O’Donnell Ella Girl U11 Croydon
O’Donnell Gemma Girl U9 Croydon
O’Donnell Pauline Girl OPEN Croydon
Pfander Keely Girl U7 Croydon
Philpott Hannah Girl U8 Croydon
Philpott Justin Boy OPEN Croydon
Philpott Lily Girl U11 Croydon
Pike Matthew Boy U15 Croydon
Pike William Boy U10 Croydon
Power Mitchell Boy U8 Croydon
Rancie Indiana Girl U10 Croydon
Rooke Ashleigh Girl U9 Croydon
Rooke Hayden Boy U11 Croydon
Rowe Nicholas Boy U13 Croydon
Rowlands Holly Girl U13 Croydon
Rowlands Merryn Girl U10 Croydon
Rowlands Wayne Boy OPEN Croydon
Thorpe Noah Boy U8 Croydon
Thorpe Ruby Girl U9 Croydon
Triangolo Samantha Girl U11 Croydon
Fenton Christopher Boy U15 Dandenong
Veitch James Boy U15 Dandenong
Petersen Charlotte Girl U8 Doncaster
Petersen Freddy Boy U10 Doncaster
Sapolu Kai Boy U9 Doncaster
Sewak Noah Boy U9 Doncaster
Elvey Paige Girl U11 Frankston
Elvey Samuel Boy U9 Frankston
Phillips Alice Girl U8 Frankston
Phillips Oscar Boy U9 Frankston
Thompson Will Boy U11 Frankston
Bauer Luke Boy U12 Knox
Bishop Bradley Boy U15 Knox
Blackburn Oliver Boy U12 Knox
Broderick Alanna Girl U14 Knox
Broderick Daniel Boy U13 Knox
Broderick Emily Girl U16 Knox
Crawley Dale Boy U8 Knox
Davis Maddison Girl U10 Knox
Deol Dharma Boy U11 Knox
Deol Khushi Girl U7 Knox
Diepeveen Molly Girl U7 Knox
Drew Ella Girl U7 Knox
Eastwood Noel Boy OPEN Knox
Elvin Matthew Boy U12 Knox
Elvin Thomas Boy U9 Knox
Epps Luke Boy U7 Knox
Erbs Brain Matilda Girl U6 Knox
Griffin Danielle Girl U9 Knox
Griffin Maddy Girl U7 Knox
Griffin Wayne Boy OPEN Knox
Hodges Hannah Girl U11 Knox
Hodges Holly Girl U12 Knox
Hough Michael Boy U14 Knox
Hutchins Liam Boy U6 Knox
Hutton Alicia Girl U7 Knox
Hutton Luke Boy U9 Knox
Hutton Xavier Boy U6 Knox
Jensen Josh Boy U10 Knox
Jensen Skyler Boy U8 Knox
Kerr Michael Boy OPEN Knox
Klep Chantal Girl U12 Knox
Klep Chris Boy OPEN Knox
Kuhlmann Thomas Boy U13 Knox
Louey Nathanial Boy U10 Knox
Maggs Adam Boy U14 Knox
Maggs Troy Boy U11 Knox
McLeod Ryan Boy U7 Knox
McLeod Tess Girl U13 Knox
Meerten Harley Boy U10 Knox
Meerten Jake Boy U8 Knox
Meerten Jasmine Girl U6 Knox
Morgan Eden Boy U8 Knox
Newand William Boy U8 Knox
Noonan Ben Boy U10 Knox
Orfanelli Angelina Girl U9 Knox
Power Callum Boy U10 Knox
Power Linda Girl OPEN Knox
Power Tamieka Girl U8 Knox
Ramadam Keamu Boy U10 Knox
Ryan Zac Boy U16 Knox
Shanley Codi Girl U6 Knox
Shanley Zoe Girl U8 Knox
Shipman Patrick Boy U10 Knox
Skerke Jaz Girl U10 Knox
Skerke Kijana Girl U7 Knox
Smith Jhye Boy U10 Knox
Smith John Boy OPEN Knox
Smith Teah Girl U6 Knox
Smith Zarah Girl U8 Knox
Stapleton Joel Boy U9 Knox
Ternes Kelsie Girl U11 Knox
Ternes Sarah Girl U8 Knox
Thomas Jack Boy U8 Knox
Turner Georgia Girl U12 Knox
Turner Jessica Girl U10 Knox
Turner Paul Boy OPEN Knox
Walther Tyler Boy U7 Knox
Ward Katherine Girl OPEN Knox
Ward Luke Boy U9 Knox
Ward Mia Girl U11 Knox
Ward Tara Girl U8 Knox
Watt Jack Boy U10 Knox
Webbern Lachlan Boy U6 Knox
Wheeler Benjamin Boy U12 Knox
Wheeler Victoria Girl U15 Knox
Wright Emily Girl U9 Knox
Wright Karen Girl OPEN Knox
Wright Oscar Boy U6 Knox
Gough Luke Boy U9 Mentone (Bayside)
Farrelly Sebastian Boy U7 Mornington
Pratt Oliver Boy U8 Mornington
Pratt Oscar Boy U13 Mornington
Shepheard Ocean Boy U6 Mornington
Brito-B Luke Boy U11 Nunawading
Brito-B Zoe Girl U14 Nunawading
Cotter Patrick Boy U11 Nunawading
Kelly Patrick John Boy U11 Nunawading
Taubert Chloe Girl U14 Nunawading
Taubert Holly Girl U14 Nunawading
Taubert Jay Boy U7 Nunawading
Wright Noah Boy U10 Nunawading
Crisp Ruby Girl U11 Ringwood
Deng Dee Dee Girl U10 Ringwood
Maclean Remy Boy U8 Ringwood
Maclean Soraya Girl U10 Ringwood
Rankin Emily Girl U6 Ringwood
Tucker Geromi Boy U11 Ringwood
Bolmat Sophie Girl U11 Sandringham
Jarvis Thomas Boy U9 Sandringham
Lang Annie Girl U10 Sandringham
White Libby Girl U8 Sandringham
Fisher Danielle Boy U13 Sherbrooke
Fisher Jonathan Boy U8 Sherbrooke
Fisher Rebekah Girl U10 Sherbrooke
Curnow Joh Boy U9 Waverley
Fuoyma Bradley Boy U9 Waverley
Lanza Adam Boy U7 Waverley
O’Mara Jimmy Boy U7 Waverley
O’Mara Patrick Boy U9 Waverley
Parkinson Caeden Boy U9 Waverley
Thomas Kursten Girl U14 Waverley
Bedyn Erika Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Bedyn Holly Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Brown Jake Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Brown Rickelee Girl U13 Yarra Ranges
Brown Tammarah Girl U15 Yarra Ranges
Clarke Jayden Boy U12 Yarra Ranges
Clarke Katie Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Clarke Michael Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Clarke Zac Boy U9 Yarra Ranges
Clarke Zoe Girl U6 Yarra Ranges
Comport Charlotte Girl U6 Yarra Ranges
De Schwartz James Boy U6 Yarra Ranges
DiGregorio Laura Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
DiGregorio Samantha Girl U12 Yarra Ranges
Ebbels Danielle Boy U10 Yarra Ranges
Ebbels Sarah Girl U8 Yarra Ranges
Egleton Dylan Boy U10 Yarra Ranges
Egleton Jayden Boy U12 Yarra Ranges
Egleton Justin Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Flavel Kiara Girl U8 Yarra Ranges
Gasson Ashleigh Girl U10 Yarra Ranges
Harriss Mia Girl U7 Yarra Ranges
Harriss Simone Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Harriss Tahlia Girl U9 Yarra Ranges
Hewitson Camden Boy U11 Yarra Ranges
Hewitson Craig Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Keenan Aleesa Girl U10 Yarra Ranges
Keenan Tyden Boy U9 Yarra Ranges
Kinnear Paulette Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Laven David Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Laven Georgia Girl U11 Yarra Ranges
Laven James Boy U14 Yarra Ranges
Laven Madeline Girl U9 Yarra Ranges
Maggs Sasha Girl U6 Yarra Ranges
Maki Tayja Girl U10 Yarra Ranges
McCall Sue Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Murden Nathanial Boy U9 Yarra Ranges
Murden Nigel Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Murden Tahlia Girl U7 Yarra Ranges
Noonan Claire Girl U10 Yarra Ranges
Noonan Emily Girl U15 Yarra Ranges
Peacock Lily Girl U12 Yarra Ranges
Russell Tracey Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Strudley Ella Girl U12 Yarra Ranges
Strudley Jamie Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Strudley Mia Girl U10 Yarra Ranges
Taylor Lee Girl U13 Yarra Ranges
Thrall Connor Boy U14 Yarra Ranges
Thrall Jed Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges
Thrall Ryan Boy U12 Yarra Ranges
Van Duuren Alex Boy U12 Yarra Ranges
Van Duuren Harrison Boy U12 Yarra Ranges
Veenendaal Amy Girl U15 Yarra Ranges
Whitchell Kelly Girl U11 Yarra Ranges
Willis Tayleb Boy U11 Yarra Ranges
Willis Tiara Girl U7 Yarra Ranges
Woods Debbie Girl OPEN Yarra Ranges
Woolridge Brayden Boy U11 Yarra Ranges
Woolridge Graeme Boy OPEN Yarra Ranges

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Cross Country Open Day DUTY ROSTER

To assist with making our Knox Open Day a huge success, all Knox parents are required to assist with duty.

Come along, get involved, cheer the kids on and have a great day – see you Saturday!


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State CC Champs – regular entry closes today

Regular entries ($20 per entrant) close: Monday 14th July 12 midnight
See the LAVic website for more info.

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