2021 Regional Carnival This Weekend!

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Good luck to all the Knox Athletes competing this weekend at the EMR Carnival. As a centre we have our largest number of Knox Athletes attending this year that we have had for some time.

If you are in the U6-U8 age groups or you have not entered Regionals this year, you have the weekend off. There is no normal competition.

Athlete families that have entered EMR have been emailed by the Knox Team Manager yesterday with all the latest information, contact number, timetable and duty roster for EMR. You can also download the timetable and duty roster below.

Please remember to head to the team mangers table 15mins before your assigned duty and have you name ticked off. If you have any issues please ring our Team Manager.

If you need to scratch an athlete please contact the Team Manager without delay.

Please remember your name patch. There will be no ability to replace / reprint a name patch over the weekend. Name patches must have Commonwealth Bank sticker on them.

Call Rooms
Separate call rooms for laned events and circ track will be in operation.

  • For laned events, athletes need to be at the call room no later than 15 mins before the event
  • For circ track events, athletes need to be at the call room no later than 10 mins before the scheduled event time.
  • There will be no call room for Field Events. Athletes should head directly to the field event to sign in at least 10mins before the scheduled event time. Please do not go to a field event table if the previous event is still in progress.

Covid protocols are in place for the weekend. Please ensure you are at the track early enough to sign in with the EMR QR code. The QR codes will be posted at the track for people to use upon entry.

Good luck everyone competing – See you at the track.

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Rescheduled Regional Carnival 27 and 28 February 2021 – Updated Information, Timetable and Revised Duty Roster.

This weekend (27 and 28 February) is the rescheduled EMR Track and Field Carnival.

Updated Time Table

EMR have sent through an updated timetable with the Walks moved to Sunday afternoon. The updated timetable can be download below.

Please check your event times.

Updated Duty Roster

With the rescheduling of the carnival and a number of athletes no longer able to compete at regionals or choosing to compete at AV State Champs we have had to revise the duty roster to suit. The updated duty roster can be download below

The duty roster has changed. You may not have the previous duty you were assigned. Please check your assigned duty. We have filled the duties required and there will be little chance of changing the roster.

Please note: Parent duty at EMR Track and Field Carnival is compulsory. A reminder that all parents agreed to the condition of undertaking duty when registering.
Note: Knox LAC does enforce the following policy:
If you do not turn up for the duty assigned to you, or you do not complete your duty as required, your child will be scratched from all their events and will take no further part at any regional or state competition.
If you cannot do the duty assigned to you, you are responsible for finding another person to do that assigned duty, and advise the Knox LAC Team Manager without delay of the change.

Reminders for the Weekend

  • Call rooms for laned and circ track only. Field events – Athletes are to head directly to the event.
  • Covid protocols will be in place and QR code sign in will be in use. Please ensure you arrive early enough to sign in. Note: Sign in QR code is specific for EMR.
  • Knox uniform to be worn with Coles badge sewn on
  • Commonwealth Bank Sticker must be on Name Patch. No Subway patches permitted. If you need a Commonwealth Bank sticker – see the Team Manager before your first event.
  • Remember to bring your Name Patch. We will not have ability to print new ones if you forget.
  • If you are on duty – Please see the Knox Team Manager 10mins before your assigned duty to have your name ticked off.
  • The Knox team tents will be located between the grandstand and shade sails on the grassed area.

Good luck to all those athletes competing at EMR Track and Field Carnival on the weekend.

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Reminder – No Knox LAC Normal Competition this Weekend

As Knox LAC is hosting the rescheduled regional carnival this weekend, our normal competition (Program B) scheduled for the 27th February will not go ahead and there is no opportunity to move the competition to Friday night due to set up occurring for the regional carnival.

If you are an U6-U8 athlete or you have not entered regionals, you have the weekend off. Enjoy the weekend and we will see you back at the track on the 6th March.

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Coles Community Round – This Weeknd

Knox LAC is having its Coles Community Round this Saturday the 20th of February 2021.

We will be celebrating Coles as a major sponsorship of Little Athletics and have scheduled a few fun activities for Saturday.

Firstly we ask that athletes and parents alike come dressed with a splash of Coles – This may simply be – come dressed in red, or be creative and let your minds run wild.  Think clothing and accessories made out of Coles bags.  We have 10 Coles vouchers to give away to the best dressed!

Name patches must still be worn and visible on any dress ups.

A reminder to include the hastag #ColesCommunityRound in social media/communications.

We will also be asking clubs to put together 2 relay teams of mixed ages that totals 45 years of age or less.  One boys team and one girls team….  The baton will be a Coles banana!

So for example you may have an under 14, under 12 and 2 under 9 athletes = total age is 44. If you are interested in joining a relay team contact your club team manager and help get a team together.

The relay will be run at approximately 10am on Saturday morning. 

Royal Children’s Hospital – Good Friday Appeal

We will also be raising funds for the Good Friday Appeal starting this weekend. Please donate. A Knox LAC member will be walking around seeking donations during the morning.

Look forward to a fun morning with your support.  See you down at the track!

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Covid Update – Little Aths Resumes 20 Feb @8.30am

With the announcement today by the Victorian Government that the snap lockdown will end tonight (Wednesday) night at midnight, there are a number updates for everyone including todays announcements from LAVic

Knox Little Aths
Normal Competition will resume on Saturday 20th Feb at 8.30am – Program C.
The Track will be open from tomorrow for training/exercise. Please note that the track is booked for a school tomorrow and no access will be available while the school is at the track.

EMR has been confirmed and rescheduled to the weekend of the 27th and 28th of February and will still be held at the Knox Track. This means that regional relays have been cancelled.

Please Note the following from LAVic:

  • LAVic is aware that the rescheduled date clashes with the AV State Championships – Week 2.
  • LAVic is working with both AV and the athletes concerned to provide an opportunity to minimise the consequences of this clash. A specific email with details will be sent to the athletes concerned.
  • LAVic will send out to all confirmed athletes a portal link, where they can login and scratch from events. Refunds will only be issued to those events scratched through the portal before the closing date.
  • Additionally, if athletes cannot attend the rescheduled Region Track & Field Carnivals, on either or both days, due to other reasons, if they scratch before the deadline of Tuesday 23rd February, LAVic will offer a refund to these athletes.
  • Any athlete that scratches after Tuesday 23rd February, will need to advise the Knox Team Manager so an athlete scratch form can be filled in and handed to the Region officials on the day, no refunds will be offered for scratching after 23rd February.
  • If you cannot make the rescheduled regional dates and will be scratching from events please advise the Knox Team Manager ASAP. This will enable the duty roster to be updated and any changes made to suit.
  • LAVic have advised that the registration portal for regionals will not be reopened, no further registrations will be accepted.

State Track & Field Championships is still planned to be held at Lakeside Stadium on Sat 13th – Sun 14th March and remains unchanged.

Region Relays Carnivals
The result of the reschedule means that the Region Relays Carnivals have been cancelled. LA Vic is now instead working on conducting the Commonwealth Bank State Relays Championships on Sat 27th March and Sun 28th March at Casey Fields, Cranbourne as a direct entry for all age groups.

Further information can be found at the LAVic website https://lavic.com.au/news/region-track-and-field-rescheduled-and-state-relays-become-direct-entry-30161/

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