Yesterday afternoon LAVic have sent to centres the updated protocols for training to begin within metro areas. Importantly LAVic also clarified the late changes to the Victorian Government vaccination requirements issued last week. LAVic has sent this information via email to all families last night.

Effective immediately, the vaccination status of our volunteers, parents coaches etc- is not required to be checked and recorded. In practical terms, parents/guardians and all volunteers – vaccinated and unvaccinated – can attend Little Athletics activities without having to confirm their vaccination status.

In the light of the changes, LAVic will be reaching out to those Members that have requested a refund on vaccination grounds, to confirm their membership intentions. Please contact LAVic if you did seek a refund and now wish to register.

Sanctioned training will begin on Wednesday 27 October 2021 from 4.30pm. If you are new to our training please contact the coach before hand.

Quick summary of the protocol requirements for training:

  • All athletes (Competitive Members and Trialing Athletes) attending training must be registered with LAVic (This is an insurance requirement for LAVic)
  • You must sign in with the QR code (manual sign in will be available)
  • Masks must still be worn for those 12 and over unless training.Coaches and parents are required to wear masks at all times. (at least until Friday)
  • Entry for training is via the turnstile at the northern end of the venue
  • Only those required to conduct training may be in attendance: athletes, coaches, volunteers, COVID-Safe Officials (CSOs) and parents. No Spectators
  • No training activities will be conducted indoors.
  • CSO will be on duty at the turnstile to ensure everyone signs in and that the protocols are being met.
  • All attendees will be required to maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres (those people with whom they ordinarily reside are excepted).
  • Participants must use hand sanitiser prior to commencement and completion of any sanctioned activity.
  • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

You can read the full protocols here

We hope to see as many athletes as we can at training while we head towards the start of the season.


Important Information – Changes to Sanctioned Training Metro Protocols Delayed.

LAVic late on Friday last week provided an updated to all centers on the Covid Protocols.

At this state LAVic do not have the information from the State Government to develop the protocols and have advised that until they do sanctioned training cannot occur.

Therefore sanctioned training at Knox will not start on Monday 25 October and will not begin until we have been advised by LAVic.

We are still hopeful to start on Wednesday and we will advise once LAVic have provided an update.

You can read the LAVic Memo here

The track remains open for exercise only at this stage. The executive committee is also working with council to seek formal approval to use the facility for training and competition and meet the councils requirement for covid management.

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The Victorian Government has announced mandatory vaccination requirements for all authorised providers and authorised workers (including volunteers) who are not working from home. This applies to the ‘Physical Recreation’ sector, which includes community sport, and Little Athletics.

LAVic is required to implement these measures at all levels of the sport (Centre, Region and Association) and has sent out to all Victorian Little Athletics Centres information regarding the requirements for vaccination and attending Little Athletics training and competition.

Please note that this information is a directive of the Victorian Government and is not a decision made by our Executive Committee. However, it is the centre’s responsibility to comply and enforce any requirements.

These rules require that all employees and volunteers of Little Athletics (inclusive of
parents/guardians, coaches, officials, Committee Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members etc) to be vaccinated in accordance with the directions listed below (or have a valid medical exemption) in order to attend a Little Athletics venue, deliver a service/activity in person or participate in an activity in person.

Regions, Centres and clubs situated in Victoria are required to request, sight, record and store the vaccination status of all attendees (listed above) in all activities.

Requirements for Regions, Centres & clubs: vaccination directions as per State Government directions:
From 22nd October 2021, individuals must be able to provide evidence that they have:
– received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, or
– have a medical exemption, evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner.
From 26th November 2021, individuals must be required to provide evidence they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine (unless they have a medical exemption).

This includes all supervising adults, parents/guardians, coaches, officials, Committee members, Associate Members and Honorary Members, who attend, participate in, or deliver activities in person, at all levels of the sport.

Key Questions and Answers Provided by LAVic: Please Note: Further FAQ’s can be found at

As a parent / guardian am I considered a Volunteer?
Yes. All parents when registering their child have agreed to volunteer at Little Athletics. Therefore parents/guardians are required to meet the vaccination requirements to attend any sanctioned Little Athletics events.

Is it compulsory to tell my Centre/club/Region/Association if I am vaccinated or not?
Yes. Under the Chief Health Officer’s directions, Centre/club/Region/Association are required to collect and store COVID-19 vaccination status if you are attending, delivering, or participating in person.

If I don’t meet these requirements, can my child(ren) attend or participate in Little Athletics?
No. Athletes can only attend if they have a supervising adult in attendance responsible for them that meet the vaccination requirements. Athletes can’t be handed over to another parent for that parent to assume responsibility for that athlete(s).

Do athletes need to be vaccinated?
Government directions do not require athletes to be vaccinated at the current time.

As a parent/guardian of a registered Trial Athlete, do these vaccination rules apply to me?

Do the vaccination rules apply to training and competition?
Yes, they apply to any sanctioned/official activity attended, participated in, or delivered in person at the club, Centre, Region or Association. Other examples include attendance at committee meetings, working bees, Open Days, Skills Clinics, and education courses/seminars.

Vaccination-related refunds
Parents/guardians requesting to cancel their membership on account of their inability or unwillingness to comply with the State Government vaccination directions will receive a full refund upon request. Refund requests are to be submitted in writing to the LAVic office at

Trialing Athletes
LAVic has also confirmed that all prospective athletes wishing to tryout MUST be registered as a trailing athlete through the LAVic member portal. Athletes are not permitted to just turn up and try out. If you have any questions please contact our registrar at

Further Information
If you have any further queries please check the LAVic FAQ’s first by clicking here and should you need any further assistance please contact LAVic directly.

The Knox LAC Executive Committee is working hard to understand and implement the procedures ready for the start of sanctioned training and competition. Please support our committee. This will enable the season to get started as early as we can and as easy as possible.


Summer Track and Field – Season Calendar Released and Updates

With recent roadmap being announced we are looking forward to getting back to the track to start training and getting the season started. We are only 3 weeks from the scheduled start of season.

At this stage proposed dates for outdoor community sport to start in line with the roadmap are:

Sanctioned Training: To start after the 26th October.
Track and Field Season: Scheduled to start on 6 November.
If there are any further announcements that change these we will of course let everyone know.

Season Calendar Released

In light of the above, the Season calendar has now been finalised and is available for download. It will also be posted to facebook and be available on calendar page. Please note that the calendar is subject to change as covid rules change.

Registrations are open. Please register to ensure you are ready for the season.
Note: All athletes attending Knox LAC sanctioned training sessions once training starts must be registered before attending for insurance purposes.

Covid Protocols
We are waiting on protocols to be provided for training and competition. Once these have been given to us from LAVic we will advise everyone as soon as we can.

Covid Safety Officers
We are looking for additional CSO’s this season. This is an important role for the centre to fill and without CSO’s on duty the centre is not permitted to conduct any training or competition. CSO’s ensure that the centre is meeting its responsibility complying with covid protocols. If you can help out please contact Liam Mathews at

Canteen Manager
The centre is still seeking a canteen manager to help run the canteen each week. This is paid role within the centre. If you feel like getting paid to attend athletics please contact Kris Shipham at If we cannot get a canteen manager on board before the start of the season there will be no canteen operating until we do.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the 6 November. Please register ASAP to ensure your ready to go for the start of the season.

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News – Cross Country Presentation Night

Seniors Presentation Night – East Keilor Football Club

Knox LAC held it’s Cross Country Presentation night on Wednesday night. With current covid restrictions in place, we weren’t able to have our usual theme night so awards winners were announced via an online ceremony which was well attended by our families.

Well done to all our award winners. Each age group award winners, handicap day winners and shield winners will be posted on Facebook and Instagram over the coming days as we celebrate each winner.

A big thank you to all our athletes and families that attended the season, and while the season ended early due to covid, it was a successful season. Thank you to athletes and families from our partner Centres, Sherbrooke and Waverley, for attending throughout the season and helping out. To athletes from other Centres, we hope you enjoyed competing at our cross country, and hope to see you all back next year.

Thank you to our volunteers that helped out each week, the season does not occur without you. Thank you to all those on the Cross Country Committee for the hard work each week in ensuring that Cross Country got underway under trying covid conditions.

Finally, the Centre would like to send out a thank you to Simon Chapman who is stepping down as Cross Country Chairperson. Simon has been on the Cross Country committee for the past 4 years and while Chairperson, he was also active in taking on various roles each week. The Centre would like to acknowledge and thank Simon for his work over the years that ensured successful cross country seasons.

To our athletes, we hope you had a great season, and hope to see you at the track for summer track and field.

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