Parent Duty

Little athletics does not happen without the help of parent volunteers. Each family is generally asked to help every 3 or 4 weeks. Duty may include officiating an event or helping out in the canteen.

Your individual club will assign you a week for duty. Early in the season clubs will allow new families some time to settle into little athletics before assigning a new family duty.

Parents that are on duty are required to sign in with the centre duty officer. The duty officer will be located at the under the shade sails near the turnstile at the northern end of the track. Parents will be assigned duty to an event and are required at that event for the duration of the meet. Parents can request a particular event if they wish when they sign in, however it is a first come first served basis. When you have signed in you will be provided a yellow safety vest. The vest must be worn when at the event.

When on duty, please ensure you arrive early and sign-in by 8:15am on Saturdays, 5:45pm at Friday twilight meets and 2:45pm at Sunday twilight meets with the Duty Officer.

When you arrive at your assigned event, the event Chief Official will assign you a task. They will range from recording times to measuring distances or returning implements such as javelins or shotputs. Parent helpers are expected to help the Chief Official setup and pack-up at the completion of the event.

If you cannot do your duty on a particular weekend you should contact your club well in advance of the day you are required to do. This will provide your club the opportunity to swap duty with another family.

Your club is also responsible for a number of events – where the club supplies volunteer ‘Chief Officials’ to run the event on the day. If your are willing to be a ‘Chief’ Official’ please contact your club.

Please note: Points and PBs for achievement awards may not be awarded to an athlete where their family does not attend duty.

For more information on undertaking parent duty, please contact your Club.