What do athletes need to wear and when?

  • Centre uniform (singlet, crop or tshirt with black shorts) must be worn when representing the centre at other Centres, Regional and State. Can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Also see LAVic regulations below.
  • Club uniform is worn during normal Centre events. See the Clubs page.
  • Number patches must be worn to ensure athletes do not miss out on events. Knox has a policy of ‘no patch, no participate’. Replacement patches are available for $5. Special patches may be issued for Regional and State.
  • Supporter gear can be worn when training, warming up and spectating. See the Uniform Shop.

Don’t forget to mention the Centre when shopping at Rebel Knox. The Centre gets points and exchanges them for equipment and vouchers.


Our Sun Smart Policy: Cover up when not competing and always wear sunscreen.

LAVic Regulations

All athletes must wear correct uniforms, no variants. Incorrect uniform could mean not competing in events or disqualification. Below is a summary of the LAVic Clothing and Shoe Guidelines and how they apply to our Centre and Club uniforms.

Singlet_JetstarOrangeTop: Singlet or crop with number patch visible. A second top can be worn underneath, but must match the predominant colour of the top, with no logos larger than 3cm. Knox singlets and crops available from the Uniform Shop. Club tops are available from individual Clubs.

Sponsor Patch: Tops must have an ORANGE JETSTAR patch sewn onto the front, above the LAVic logo – NO PINS. White Jetstar patches must be removed. Jetstar patches are available from the canteen.

Shorts: Must be black with no pockets, and no logos larger than 3cm. Tape over logos not recommended. Black or beige skins (or similar) with no coloured stitching or logos, can be worn under shorts. Full knee must be visible when wearing shorts and hip bones must be covered. A small supply of shorts is available from the Uniform Shop.

Leggings: Longer leggings may be worn during Cross Country or Road Relay competitions ONLY. They must be black and have no logos or advertising larger than 3cm.

Shoes: Appropriate footwear must be worn for all events. Also see spike guidelines.