State Relays Saturday 4 Feb 2023 – Duty Roster and Other Important Information

If you are heading to State Relay Championships this weekend at Lakeside Stadium there is some important information for you to read through.

Below is the current timetable. Please check your event times. Please ensure you have discussed the events with your relay team coach.

Duty Roster

The duty roster has been finalised. You can download the roster below. Please check your duty and time.

The roster has been setup so that each family will do similar amounts of time on duty. Please note your duty and time and ensure that you report to our team manager 15 minutes before the start of your duty. As the duty roster is set, there will be little chance of changing it.

  • Parent duty at State Relays is compulsory.
  • Parents must complete their duty at the allotted time. There will be little chance of making changes.
  • Knox LAC does enforce the policy that any family that does not turn up for duty, or complete their allotted duty, their child will be withdrawn from competition and take no further part which may mean that their relay team does not compete.

If for any reason your athlete will not be participating – please notify your relay coach and Janine Kearsley (Team Manager) immediately

Uniforms and Commonwealth Bank Patch
Athletes are required to wear Knox Centre uniform, that has the Coles badge sewn onto their uniform top and have their Commonwealth Bank registration patch attached to the front.
All athletes must have the correct registration patch to compete – NO PATCH = NO COMPETE.

All athletes are required to check in at the Knox Team Managers desk for a uniform check prior to attending any call room and events.

Please do not forget to bring your registration patch as we will not have the facilities to print a replacement patch.

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