Obligations of Parents During Training and Competition.

It has been brought to the attention of the Executive Committee that some parents are doing the ‘drop and run’ at training and during our weekly competition.

Families are reminded that we as a centre are bound be the Child Safety Standards and Code of Conduct as an affiliated Member of LAVic.

Code-of-Conduct-for-Dealing-with-Children-Young-People.pdf (lavic.com.au)


In particular, we would like to bring to your attention #14 of LAVics Child Safe Code of Conduct policy:

The Centre has reiterated the requirement for a parent or guardian to be in attendance at training and competition at all times in our recent social media posts :

“Our amazing coaches are all volunteers, they are not babysitters.  In accordance with the updated child safe practices, a parent or guardian of each child must remain on site for the duration of the training session”. 

Families must ensure that a parent or guardian is in attendance at all times during training and competition.

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