Knox LAC Cross Country Handicap Day @ Jells Park North 31 July 2021

With the resumption of community sport following the recent lockdown, Knox Cross Country will resume this weekend on the 31st July 2021 with Handicap Day at Jells Park North.

We have the necessary approval from Parks Victoria and Handicap Day will be conducted in accordance with the current covid safe protocols issued by LAVic and the Restricted Activity Directions.

Details – Handicap Day 31 July 2021
The following will apply this weekend to meet the current covid protocols.

  • Race start times will be in place
  • QR codes will be in place at the venue and all attendees must sign in
  • Only supervising parents and those necessary to run the event are permitted. No General Spectators Note: Siblings are permitted if other arrangements can’t be made.
  • Face masks must be worn by all those 12 and over. Social distancing will be enforced. Please note it is still a requirement to wear a mask outdoors under the current restrictions.
  • CSO’s will be on duty and enforcing the covid protocols.
  • NAME PATCHES MUST BE WORN. Athletes without name patches on will not be permitted to run.

Race Order and Start Times
To reduce the impact of athletes and parents gathering around start times will be implemented for each age group. The start times are as follows for this weekend.
9.00am U13 -U16
9.30am U7 – U8
9.50m U6
10.00am U11-12
10.20am U9-U10

Note: All athletes need to report to the marshalling tent 15mins before their race start time to get their handicap time.

Parent Duty
Parents duty will be in place and parents are required. If you have not done your duty this season you can sign up for duty this weekend here
If you had already signed up for Handicap Day prior to the lockdown, you will need to re enter your details.

If you are on duty please sign in by 8.45 at announcing. A duty sign-in table will be setup.

Canteen and BBQ
There will be no canteen this weekend.

Championship Day and Presentation Night
Championship Day will still be run on the 7th August but now moves to Tirhatuan Park.

Further information regarding the presentation night will be provided once venue details are confirmed.

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