Coles Community Round – This Weeknd

Knox LAC is having its Coles Community Round this Saturday the 20th of February 2021.

We will be celebrating Coles as a major sponsorship of Little Athletics and have scheduled a few fun activities for Saturday.

Firstly we ask that athletes and parents alike come dressed with a splash of Coles – This may simply be – come dressed in red, or be creative and let your minds run wild.  Think clothing and accessories made out of Coles bags.  We have 10 Coles vouchers to give away to the best dressed!

Name patches must still be worn and visible on any dress ups.

A reminder to include the hastag #ColesCommunityRound in social media/communications.

We will also be asking clubs to put together 2 relay teams of mixed ages that totals 45 years of age or less.  One boys team and one girls team….  The baton will be a Coles banana!

So for example you may have an under 14, under 12 and 2 under 9 athletes = total age is 44. If you are interested in joining a relay team contact your club team manager and help get a team together.

The relay will be run at approximately 10am on Saturday morning. 

Royal Children’s Hospital – Good Friday Appeal

We will also be raising funds for the Good Friday Appeal starting this weekend. Please donate. A Knox LAC member will be walking around seeking donations during the morning.

Look forward to a fun morning with your support.  See you down at the track!

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