LAVic Releases 2020-21 Season Calendar

LAVic have released the season calendar for the 2020-21 Season.

The calendar is subject to change due to the ongoing Covid 19 however it is a positive step in getting a season up an running.

Knox LAC will be using this calendar to finalise our centre competition Calendar. We will be developing a centre competition calendar to best balance the centre needs as well the health an well being of our centre, parents and athletes. There will be further information in the coming weeks.

The factors that have influenced the competition calendar this year are more complex than normal, however, some fundamentals remain.  It has been developed to provide opportunities for our athletes, minimise clashes with other athletic organisations, provide adequate resources to deliver the programs in terms of our volunteer workforce and their capacity, balance the needs of participation at Centre level compared to Region / State opportunities, maintain an attractive athletic experience for athletes, parents, coaches, officials, administrators and committee members at all levels.

However, it must be understood, that this season it will require, us a Centre, parents, athletes, coaches and officials to carefully consider the most appropriate method of participation in order to look after the health and wellbeing of all concerned. 

The period of increased demand on everyone’s time and effort is extended over the months of January to April.  All Region, State and National events are condensed into this period, along with State and National events for both Athletics Victoria (AV) and Athletics Australia (AA).

For further information on the calendar you can head to the LAVic website here.

You can download the 2020-21 season calendar here

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