Season 2020-21 LA Vic Update Tuesday 29 September

LAVic has sent through some further updates for upcoming season.

Season Start and Return to Training

LAVic have confirmed this morning in a memo to Centres:

Metropolitan Melbourne Centres are not legally permitted to conduct competition or training activities, including coaching, at the current time. Following the Premier’s announcement on Sunday 27th September, it’s likely that metro Melbourne Centres may be able to commence authorised training and competition activities at/around 19th October

This is a positive move and provides some further information on a possible start date. The Executive Committee is currently working on a draft season calendar for the 2020-21 season and will communicated to members once dates are locked in and LAVic have confirmed that the season can begin.

At this stage the registration portal is not open to metro centres. Once the registration portal is open we will advise members as soon a possible.

Training / Competition Covid Protocols

LAVic has release the ‘Regional Victoria Competition & Training Protocols Framework 28.09.20 v3.0’. These outline the protocols by which regional Centres can commence their 20/21 Summer Track & Field Seasons.

Please note these protocols are for regional centres only and do not yet apply to metro centre including Knox LAC. However we are hopeful that these will be the basis of the protocols for metro centres. The Knox LAC Executive will be reviewing the protocols and keeping a close eye on any updates as we move closer to a season start. Further advice on the protocols and how they will effect our centre will be provided over the coming weeks.

Knox LAC already has a number of COVID Safe officials that were in place for the return to training earlier in the year. We will be reaching out to those people over the next few days to ensure that they are willing to continue into the season. If any one is willing to be a COVID safe official or willing to help out please let the Executive Committee know.

You can view the LAVic Covid information HERE

Primary member emails sent Monday

A primary member email was sent from the LAVic office on Monday 28th September in preparation for the registration portal opening. The purpose was to identify the default member profile for registering a family of more than one athlete.

This email has understandably been interpreted by some as meaning that the Centre is currently able to take registrations. This is not the case – only some Centres are accepting registrations. LAVic has apologised for any confusion caused.

If you need to change the primary member of your family please head over to the member portal and login to change your details.

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