Kerr Family Support

This week the Kerr Family have been dealt with 2 blows. Earlier this week Mike was involved in a truck accident where the vehicle rolled on the freeway. Luckily, he only  sustained bumps and bruises, but walked away with his life.  Just yesterday they endured a house fire where they have been devastated with the loss of not only their house, but also all of their personal belongings.  

Mike Kerr always has a smile on his face & puts in tireless hours at the club & is adored & respected by all he comes into contact with.

On behalf of Knox Little Athletics Centre, we have set up this go fund me page to support the Kerr Family in the tragedies that they have had to endure this week.  As they only have the clothes on their backs, we are hoping to raise funds to help them through these tough & coming months repurchasing all that they have lost. Let’s band together and show them that they are not alone. To Donate please click here

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