Knox LAC Cross Country Open Day – Duty Roster Posted

The Duty roster has been finalised for the Cross Country Open Day. Please see below.

Parent Duty is compulsory. 

For Knox families duty is compulsory. Please check the duty roster when it is posted and report in no later than 15 minutes prior to the rostered start time. Failure to attend duty may result in athletes being withdrawn from events.

If you haven’t registered yet and still want to, late entry registration is still available and closes tonight at at 11.59pm.

Click here to register and for event details

Please note: for Knox Families, if you have registered for Open Day after WEDNESDAY 15 JUNE you are still be required to undertake duty. You must see the duty manager on Saturday before 8.45am and you will be assigned a duty.

Race order for the day

U7, U9, U11, U13-16B, U6, U13-16G, U12, U10, U8

First event starts at 9am. Following races will start directly after the previous race. We do not publish start time for each race. Please ensure you have arrived early. Races will not be held up for athletes that arrive late.

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