Yesterday afternoon LAVic have sent to centres the updated protocols for training to begin within metro areas. Importantly LAVic also clarified the late changes to the Victorian Government vaccination requirements issued last week. LAVic has sent this information via email to all families last night.

Effective immediately, the vaccination status of our volunteers, parents coaches etc- is not required to be checked and recorded. In practical terms, parents/guardians and all volunteers – vaccinated and unvaccinated – can attend Little Athletics activities without having to confirm their vaccination status.

In the light of the changes, LAVic will be reaching out to those Members that have requested a refund on vaccination grounds, to confirm their membership intentions. Please contact LAVic if you did seek a refund and now wish to register.

Sanctioned training will begin on Wednesday 27 October 2021 from 4.30pm. If you are new to our training please contact the coach before hand.

Quick summary of the protocol requirements for training:

  • All athletes (Competitive Members and Trialing Athletes) attending training must be registered with LAVic (This is an insurance requirement for LAVic)
  • You must sign in with the QR code (manual sign in will be available)
  • Masks must still be worn for those 12 and over unless training.Coaches and parents are required to wear masks at all times. (at least until Friday)
  • Entry for training is via the turnstile at the northern end of the venue
  • Only those required to conduct training may be in attendance: athletes, coaches, volunteers, COVID-Safe Officials (CSOs) and parents. No Spectators
  • No training activities will be conducted indoors.
  • CSO will be on duty at the turnstile to ensure everyone signs in and that the protocols are being met.
  • All attendees will be required to maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres (those people with whom they ordinarily reside are excepted).
  • Participants must use hand sanitiser prior to commencement and completion of any sanctioned activity.
  • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

You can read the full protocols here

We hope to see as many athletes as we can at training while we head towards the start of the season.

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