2021 Regional Carnival This Weekend!

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Good luck to all the Knox Athletes competing this weekend at the EMR Carnival. As a centre we have our largest number of Knox Athletes attending this year that we have had for some time.

If you are in the U6-U8 age groups or you have not entered Regionals this year, you have the weekend off. There is no normal competition.

Athlete families that have entered EMR have been emailed by the Knox Team Manager yesterday with all the latest information, contact number, timetable and duty roster for EMR. You can also download the timetable and duty roster below.

Please remember to head to the team mangers table 15mins before your assigned duty and have you name ticked off. If you have any issues please ring our Team Manager.

If you need to scratch an athlete please contact the Team Manager without delay.

Please remember your name patch. There will be no ability to replace / reprint a name patch over the weekend. Name patches must have Commonwealth Bank sticker on them.

Call Rooms
Separate call rooms for laned events and circ track will be in operation.

  • For laned events, athletes need to be at the call room no later than 15 mins before the event
  • For circ track events, athletes need to be at the call room no later than 10 mins before the scheduled event time.
  • There will be no call room for Field Events. Athletes should head directly to the field event to sign in at least 10mins before the scheduled event time. Please do not go to a field event table if the previous event is still in progress.

Covid protocols are in place for the weekend. Please ensure you are at the track early enough to sign in with the EMR QR code. The QR codes will be posted at the track for people to use upon entry.

Good luck everyone competing – See you at the track.

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