2021 EMR Carnival – Covid Protocol Update

There have been some covid protocol updates for this weekends carnival at Knox.

  • A QR code will be displayed at various points prior to the entrance. Please sign-in away from the entrance and show the CSO as you enter. Reminder this is not the Knox LAC code for our weekly comp or training sessions.
  • CSOs will be patrolling the venue all weekend, ensuring compliance with the covid protocols. Please follow any instructions given to you by one of the CSOs. The CSO has the authority to halt the event and/or ask people to leave if they refuse, which will be supported by the EMR committee.
  • Access to the grandstand will be reduced to ensure social distancing – every second tier will be marked to be left vacant. Please leave the grandstand for families from other Centres. (Knox LAC will be set up on the grass between the grandstand and the Shade Sails)
  • Everyone aged 12 and over needs to bring a mask with them. Wearing of one will only be required in certain areas. 
  • Everyone standing along the main walkway watching long/triple jump, or at the presentation area will be required to wear a mask. 
  • Wearing of a mask may also be required when doing duty. Please make sure that the person from your family that will be doing duty can do this.
  • The Team Manager will ensure families maintain social distancing within the Knox tent area. If the CSOs notice that this is not being followed they will approach the TM for assistance.
  • The announcer will periodically broadcast reminders to maintain social distancing (or wear a mask)

If anyone has any questions please contact the Team Manager.

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