Wearing Correct Uniform, Coles Badges and Name Patches

A reminder from the Knox Executive Committee regarding the wearing of correct uniform, Coles badges and wearing of Number/Name Patches at Knox LAC competition.

It was noted on Sunday that a number of athletes do not have Coles badges on their tops (some still had Jetstar badges) or did not have their Name Patches pinned to their club top. A number athletes were also competing in training tops or jumpers/ hoodies covering their club tops.

Athletes must compete in their club uniform with their name patch visible at the front, and a Coles badge sewn on top right of the singlet. This is a requirement from LAVic to give our major sponsors maximum coverage for advertising their brand. Athletes can wear jumper/hoodies to keep warm etc, however, these must be removed before the event/attempt. Information on Club uniforms can be found in the KLAC Handbook.

No athlete should have a JetStar badge on their club singlet. Please make sure these are removed as soon as possible and replaced with the Coles patch. (If you need a Coles patch, see your club). Coles patches are to be sewn on the top right on the club competition singlet.

Number/Name patches must be worn when participating in any event. Knox LAC has a policy of No Patch – No Participation. Number/Name patches must be worn to ensure athletes do not miss out on events. Event Chiefs will be sending athletes back to their club if they do not have their patch on. Replacement patches are available for a gold coin (donation to RCH). Special patches may be issued for Regional and State Events.

Athletes are not to wear Knox Centre uniform at normal competition on the weekends. This uniform is reserved for Regional and State Competitions, or competing at another Centre such as open days.

For those families that are new to Little Athletics & your son or daughter is competing at Regionals or State Championships, it would pay to familiarise yourself with the LAVic guidelines for Centre uniforms. (see link below)


If you have any further questions please ask one of your club committee members

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