Important Notice – Changes to Entry Requirements for Knox Little Athletics Centre from Saturday 28th November.

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The Premier announced on Sunday 22nd November some Covid changes to community sport. The changes included that group sizes can be up to 50, and an overall 500 patron cap has been introduced.
LAVic have, released the updated protocols which can be found here.

The key changes to the protocols are the following:

Patrons defined as:  all in attendance at sanctioned competition and training, inclusive of all Centre & Club Committee members, officials, coaches, athletes, parents, siblings, and spectators.

The maximum number of patrons attending a sanctioned Little Athletics activity must not exceed 500 at any one time.

A maximum density quotient of 1 patron per 4 square metres applies to all areas.

Face masks must be carried at all times by all patrons 12 years of age and older, and worn if physical distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained.

We have sought advice from LAVic as to what the 500 patron cap means to our Centre and how it is to be applied.  LAVic have confirmed that the 500 cap applies to all persons within the venue, and it includes all committee members both centre and clubs, volunteers, officials, parents and athletes as defined above.  

This has a significant effect on our Centre at Knox, and we must adhere to new requirements from this weekend to ensure that we stay under 500 patrons at the venue.

To ensure fairness to all registered athletes, so that they have an opportunity to compete on the weekend and to comply the 500 patron cap, the Executive Committee has introduced the following for this weekend:

  • Only Registered athletes or athletes who are trialing can attend. Siblings who are not registered must not attend. 
  • U10-U16 age group – 1 Parent only, even if they are on duty. It is expected that athletes in these age groups can manage themselves to get to events. Club Team Managers will assist to ensure their clubs athletes are heading to events when called.
  • U6-U9 age group – 1 Parent only, unless they are on duty, only then can a second parent attend to supervise young children to events.
  • Trialing athletes – 1 Parent only. 

NO OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS ARE PERMITTED – Please ensure you do not invite grandparents or other family members to spectate. 
No additional spectators will be permitted and they will be turned away at the entry gate.

CSO’s will be on the gate this weekend, checking with families as they enter, and will be keeping a count of numbers as people come through. If the above limitations are not followed, the Centre may limit entry and turn people away.

We understand that this is going to place extra requirements on families, particularly those that have younger children that cannot attend, and may limit some families ability to attend Little Athletics.

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