Knox LAC Covid Safety Officers

Knox has appointed a number of covid safety officers for the season in accordance with the Little Athletics Victoria. Each CSO has been registered with LAVic and must comply with LAVic directions and the duty statement issued by LAVic.

The covid protocols have been shaped by the Sport & Recreation Victoria, Vicsport, the Department of Health & Human Services and Little Athletics Victoria. Central to the safe implementation and ongoing compliance is the requirement for the Centre is to appoint one (or multiple) ‘COVID Safe Official(s)’ (CSOs). Knox LAC cannot proceed without this role and associated responsibilities being fulfilled.

The CSOs at our Centre are the cornerstone of the successful and safe return of our sport. An enormous level of responsibility is invested in these tasks, which are designed to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission and infection, and maximise the protection of the health of athletes, supervising parents/carers, coaches, officials, volunteers and Committee members.

CSO’s will be rostered on to ensure that the Knox LAC training session and Competition Days have enough CSO’s on duty. CSO’s will be identifiable by an Orange Vest with Covid Safety Officer printed on the back. If your are approached by CSO you must follow their directions.

What does a Covid Safety Officer do and what power do they have?

LAVic have issue a duty statement to all CSO’s and it includes the following requirements that the CSO must undertake.

The CSO:

  • Act as the point of contact for all protocol-related enquiries.
  • Will educate athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, supervising parents/guardians and spectators on the protocols and competition and training procedures, with particular emphasis on:
    • hygiene practices
    • physical distancing of >1.5m
    • equipment usage and disinfection procedures
    • venue access
    • managing ill attendees
    • venue cleaning practices
  • Encouraging all in attendance to ‘Get in. Train/Compete. Get out’
  • Will ensure compliance with the protocols and may be required to intervene if a breach is observed.
  • Will record breaches of protocol and report these to the Centre Committee and LA Vic.
  • Will display posters, flyers and other documents prominently around the Centre.
  • May advise the Centre communications officer on matters related to competition and training protocols
  • Will ensure an attendance register is provided on site at the commencement of each training session
  • Will ensure that attendees to all training sessions are recorded on the attendance register
  • Will ensure that an athlete registration process is in place for all competition events
  • Will maintain registration records for a minimum of 30 days
  • Will manage the use of the facilities, in conjunction with the Centre administrators and venue managers
  • Will implement and oversee a thorough cleaning schedule to: o disinfect all common areas and high touch surfaces, including equipment; o thoroughly clean and disinfect the toilets before and after each sanctioned activity
  • Will ensure adequate supplies of cleaning equipment, hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and appropriate personal protective equipment are available at all times
  • Will ensure that hand sanitiser is provided for use at the athlete registration area, toilets and each event site
  • Will ensure that disinfectant wipes are available at each event site where equipment is used
  • Will assist the coach source equipment from the equipment shed and return it
  • Will ensure all equipment in use for competition and training is disinfected before and after each sanctioned activity, along with moving any equipment to the event site
  • Ensure that the Centre’s equipment will not be taken offsite under any circumstances.