Covid 19 Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below summarise the LAVic protocols however they are subject to change as the situation in Victoria changes. It is recommended that all families download and read the covid protocol and entry procedures prior to starting at Knox.

What Covid 19 Protocol are in Place?

LA Vic has developed and published protocols for the health and safety of all attendees at sanctioned training and competition activities. You can down load the protocols here.

Is Knox LAC permitted to conduct training and competition events?

LA Vic has developed and published protocols for the health and safety of all attendees at sanctioned little athletics training and competition activities. Knox LAC has adopted this protocols.

Will Covid Safety Officers been in attendance during sanctioned competitions?

Knox LAC Covid Safe Officers will be on duty each week. There will be a covid safety officer present at the venue entry when signing in. Covid Safety Officers will move around the venue to ensure everyone in attendance is complying with current protocols.

Is contact tracing in place?

Yes. All attendees will need to sign in via a QR code each time they enter the venue for a Knox LAC sanctioned training or competition event.

How do I sign in for contact tracing ?

At sanctioned training and competition events, a Victorian Government issued QR scan code will be displayed at the entry point.
Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera, open the link and fill in the form and submit the form. You must do this prior to entering the venue.
A Covid Safe Official will be on duty at the entry gate to ensure that you have completed the process prior to you entering the venue.

How do I enter and exit the venue for sanctioned track and field competition events?

Entry to the venue will be via the southern end (Grandstand). Exiting the facility will be via the northern end turnstile (Pavilion end). The entry area will be the designated sign in area.

How do I enter and exit the venue for sanctioned training?

Entry to the venue will be the northern end turnstile (Pavilion end). Exiting the facility will also be via the northern end turnstile (Pavilion end).

What requirements are in place for weekly sanctioned track and field competition events?

– There will be one entry gate and one exit gate.
– Entry to the track each week will be via the southern gate (Grandstand End).
– Exiting the facility will be via the turnstile at the northern end (near the pavilion).
– Access to the venue is for registered athletes and supervising family memebers. Note Covid Safety officials will be on duty at the gates to help with signing in.
– Signing in requires scanning of the QR code located at the entry gate.
– Parents and athletes are to remain in their club areas, unless travelling to or escorting an athlete/s to event areas.
– There is no spectating within the long/triple jumps areas or at or around shot put.
– Parents must remain outside the track fence. Only Athletes, Officials and those that are on duty are permitted within competition areas (Field of Play).
– Hand sanitiser will be available for athletes to use at each event. Athletes will need to sanitise before and upon completion of the event.
– Equipment such as shot-puts, discuses, javelins, hurdles, start blocks will be sanitised before and after competition.
– Face masks must be carried by all who are 12 and over and must be worn where social distancing requirements cannot be met. You must bring your own masks. The centre will not be supplying masks.
– Social distancing will be in place at all times including at club locations around the track.
– Parents are expected to monitor their children and ensure that all family members socially distance.
– CSO’s will be enforcing the protocols. Any person refusing to comply with the protocols will be asked to leave.

Will Athletes, be required to use Hand Sanitiser?

Yes. All athletes no matter their age, parents/guardians officials, volunteers will be required to use hand sanitiser upon entry to the venue. Athletes must also use sanitiser at each event. Hand sanitiser will be provided at each event for athletes to use. Chief Officials at each event will ensure athletes use hand sanitiser before competing and when leaving the event.

Do I have to have a face mask?

Yes. Current protocols required all persons 12 and over must carry a face masks and wear in indoor and outdoor locations. You must have a lawful reason if you choose not wear one (this can be checked on the DHHS website). Athletes under 12 are not required to wear a face mask but can if they choose to do so.

What if I have a lawful reason that exempts me or my children from wearing a mask?

If you or your child has lawful reason from wearing a mask, we suggest that you advise the centre well in advance of arriving so that we can advise our CSO’s of you or your child’s exemptions. If you do have a letter or certificate from your medical practitioner, you are more than welcome to show it to a CSO if you wish. A list of lawful exceptions for not wearing a face mask is available on the DHHS website.

Do i need to provide a medical certificate or other evidence if I or my children have a lawful reason not to wear a facemask?

The DHHS website states that you do not need a medical certificate, however the Centre has a right to establish if the reason is lawful before allowing you entry. A list of lawful exceptions for not wearing a face mask is available on the DHHS website.

What requirements are in place for Knox LAC sanctioned Training Activities?

– Entry to the track will be via the turnstile at the northern end (Pavillon end)
– Knox LAC sanctioned training sessions within the facility are Mondays and Wednesdays 4.00pm until 7.00pm. The public will not have access during these times.
– As of 10th June 2021 Athletes from other centres/clubs are not permitted to train during Knox LAC sanctioned training sessions until further notice
– Training groups sizes are limited to 10 athletes
– Attendance recording is compulsory.
– Athletes (and parents) are required to sign in at a designated area prior to commencing training. Coaches will have their own attendance records for groups sizes.
– Hand sanitising must occur prior to starting training and after.
– It is recommend that parents “drop off” athletes.
– Get in, train, Get out policy applies.- For younger athletes where a parent need to stay, it is recommended that they sit in the grandstand ensuring that they are socially distant.
– Parents/Guardians must wear a face mask at all times.
– Face Masks must be carried by all persons aged 12 and over. As of 10 June 2021 masks must be worn at all times outdoors and when indoors.
– Athletes are strongly encouraged to bring their own equipment. Equipment used must be sanitised prior to a directly after training
– Only the Knox LAC Coach or the CSO can collect training equipment. Athletes are not permitted to access any training equipment.
– CSO’s will be enforcing the protocols. Any person refusing to comply with the protocols will be asked to leave.

I am an athlete registered with another centre or organisation. Can I train with Knox LAC coaches?

Current LAVic protocols require that athletes from another centre / or other organisations that wish to train at Knox LAC during sanctioned little athletics training times, must have written permission from the centre or organisation they registered with and the Knox LAC Executive Committee prior to undertaking training with Knox LAC.

Can I train on my own outside of the Knox LAC sanctioned training times?

Yes, as a public accessible track you can, subject to council requirements. As the track is a council owned facility, at times council may limit public access to the venue. You should also note that the venue is also used for school competitions and other organisations may hire the venue from time to time. They will be subject to their own covid protocols. This will likely limit availability for public access.
The track is also used by other tenants being Knox Athletic Club(seniors, Knox Masters Athletic Club and Knox Tri Club. These clubs have their own access and training times, and this may limit public access also.

Do I have to comply with the protocols

Yes. Attending any sanctioned event at Knox LAC requires compliance with the covid protocols and any any directions given by a Covid Safety Officer. If you refuse to comply with a protocol or direction of the CSO you may be asked to leave the venue.

What happens if there is a breach of covid protocols at a sanctioned training or competition events?

CSO’s will record the breach and advise the Knox LAC President snd DHS. LAVic must be notified of the breach and they may decide to investigate the matter further. Depending of the seriousness of the breach a family may be asked to leave the venue and if investigated, LAVic may give a warning or for serious breaches may take disciplinary action against the centre which can include cancelling the centre affiliation and preventing any training or competition. It may also result in an athlete having the registration for the season cancelled.

What happens if a person contracts Covid and the Centre is advised of a positive result or close contact?

All members will be advised as soon as possible. Contact tracing information will be provided to LAVic and DHS in accordance with protocols as required. Council will also be advised along with other tenant clubs at the venue. Competition and training will be suspended until such time LAVic provide authorisation for training and competition to resume.

Where can i go for further information of Covid Protocols?

Further advice can be found on the Little Athletics Victoria Website here