Executive Committee Position Descriptions

For current office bearers, see KLAC Executive Committee.

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Centre Secretary

Covers both Track and Field, and Cross Country. Also see ‘Centre Minutes Secretary’ role (below).

  • Record and distribute correspondence as appropriate (mostly email).
  • Maintain administrative material as appropriate. e.g. contacts lists, policy documents, archive of notices etc.
  • Assist ‘Centre Minutes Secretary’ with agenda items as appropriate.
  • First point of contact for LAVic and Region, and general queries.
  • Work with Executive and sub-committee members to collect, prepare and circulate information, and distribute tasks/actions as appropriate.
  • Advise ‘Website Manager’ of updates for website, e.g. information to post, updates to centre and club contacts.
  • Coordinate ‘Opening Ceremony’ guest invitations and welcome refreshments at event.
  • Coordinate ‘Annual General Meeting’ guest invitations, agenda and report preparations and distribution.
  • Maintain office and associated stationery.

Centre Minutes Secretary

Track and Field, and Cross Country positions may be considered separately.

  • Prepare and distribute KLAC Executive and Cross Country meeting agendas to attendees.
  • Record and distribute KLAC Executive and Cross Country meeting minutes to attendees and LAVic as appropriate.

Centre Competition Secretary

  • Attend Competition Committee Meetings
  • Prepare and organise documentation for Registration Day
  • Prepare and organise distribution of Club manuals
  • Be available at beginning of each Summer competition athletics meeting for questions from members, athletes and officials.
  • Ensure Photocopying of relevant competition documentation is available ie Track, Field, Circular and Walk sheets
  • Manage showbag distribution to clubs for registration day and subsequent registrations
  • Ensure Announcer has relevant information for each competition day.
  • Ensure availability of VLAA Special event forms are available to members ie Bring a Friend day entry forms
  • Collect any special event Summary sheets ie Bring a Friend day for sending to VLAA
  • Organise end of season trophies and awards
  • Liaison with EMR for all Region Summer competition events held at Knox Centre
  • Distribution of information to clubs as determined by Centre Administration Secretary
  • Assist ‘Child Protection Officer’ with collection of WWC and training records for Chief Officials.

Website Manager

  • Manage the Knox LAC website – regular posts, calendar of events and static information.
  • Manage hosting arrangements and domain name registration.
  • Support club website managers.
  • Manage centre email accounts and forwarding to office bearers.
  • Investigate website- and mailbox-related issues and work with host to resolve.


Track and Field, and Cross Country positions are considered separately.

  • Plan and implement all financial arrangements for the Centre activities.
  • Keep accurate records for all transactions made by the Centre, including reconciliation of bank accounts.
  • Arrange signatories on all Centre bank and investment accounts.
  • Collect money paid for uniform fees, fundraising and other activities as appropriate.
  • Bank all monies received promptly into the Centre bank accounts.
  • Pay authorised invoices promptly.
  • Prepare and present to each Executive Committee meeting a current statement of account, including separate details of income and expenses since the previous meeting.
  • Prepare and present to the Executive Committee a detailed budget of income and expenditure at the start of each financial year.
  • Present a statement of Income and Expenditure and Balance Sheet to the Annual General Meeting.
  • Ensure that all books and records are audited prior to being presented at the AGM.

Canteen Manager

Track and Field, and Cross Country positions may be considered separately.

  • Purchase all canteen stock as and when required.
  • Maintain complete record of expenditure.
  • Run canteen operation.
  • Work with ‘Duty Manager’ to get people to help in Canteen.

Uniform Manager

  • Purchase and stock-take of Centre uniforms.
  • Distribution of online orders.
  • Open and manage shop at track and cross country in lead-up to region and state events.
  • Collection and reconciliation of money from cash sales and forwarding to Treasurer.

Competition Director

  • Ensure that all Centre competition activities are in the best interest of athletes and are
    consistent with the ideals of Little Athletics generally and in accordance with Centre competition regulations and Centre behaviour policy
  • Investigate and recommend improvements to the Centre competition regulations by informing Executive, Clubs, athletes and Officials
  • Plan, organise and conduct Knox Championships, centre Open days, Relay Challenge days etc.
  • Prepare and present report for Centre Executive meetings, incorporating Program and
    Officials report

Centre Team Manager/Assistant

Track and Field, and Cross Country positions may be considered separately.

  • The Team Manager is the focal point for all competition relating to Region
    and State Championships for both Relays and Track & Field
  • To be responsible for all documentation relating to athletes entering the
    above events. This information must comply with close of entry dates as stipulated by Knox centre Secretary and must be directed to the Secretary for on forwarding to the appropriate people
  • Provide Chief of Officials with list of participating athletes in the above event for
    rostering of parents for duty
  • Compile and present report, including that of Coaching Co-Ordinator, for Centre Executive meetings
  • Participate in Competition sub-committee
  • Advise ‘Website Manager’ of updates for website, e.g. rego deadlines, change of event info, uniform requirements.

Coaching Director

  • Organising coaching panel of qualified coaches at the Knox Centre
  • Plan and document coaching requirements for Knox Centre on an on-going basis
  • Co-opt parents and other coaches to assist with training sessions when required
  • Organise other coaches of various levels to lead training sessions
  • Assist chief of Officials at each event where necessary
  • Participate in Competition sub-committee
  • Organise the relay coaches and relay program
  • Organise the listing of coaching times and coaching contact details for the web site,
    exec & comp committee
  • Ensure that all coaches have a current working with children certification
  • Assist ‘Child Protection Officer’ with collection of WWC and training records for Coaches.

Announcer/Program Planner

  • Confidence regards public address announcements
  • Early start and late finish unless shared by two people
  • Sound knowledge of all Athletics events locations and requirements regards staging the
    events. New Announcer will need to work with the current announcer to be aware of some of the event requirements before working solo
  • Keep record of each Knox LAC program completed and complete any incomplete events at future programs
  • Provides 20 photocopies of each weeks program ready for collection at the start of each
    program. Call to Clubs when ready to collect
  • Makes adjustments to the program due to weather conditions. Centre referees to be
    consulted regards cancellation of an event due to weather or for any other reason
  • Issues walkie-talkies/stop watches to Chief officials
  • Ensure all Chief officials are in place to run their event. Call to relevant Club to
    send a competent parent to run the events if the Chief is absent
  • Calls each event for each age group when the Chief Official calls that they are completed and ready for another age group
  • Calls extra parental help if required
  • Calls Referees to events when Record verification required
  • Calls First-Aid to events when required
  • Calls important lost property/children when required
  • Calls Raffle winners
  • Thanks sponsors
  • Thanks to Chief Officials for running the program
  • Special thanks to those officials running the last events on the days program
  • Reminder re next weeks program
  • Calls to Chief to return all walkie-talkies/stop watches to announcing
  • Maintains walkie-talkies; battery replacement and recharging. New purchases
    if required
  • Remind all of placing rubbish in the bins and cleaning up Club area at the end of each
    program. Each club to move wheelie bin back to storage area

Arena/Equipment Manager

  • Overall responsibility for the conduct of Centre competition days
  • Liaise with Equipment Manager, Referee, Key event officials, Program Manager/announcer, Chief of Officials, executive Committee
  • This position pertains to Championship and Region days only
  • Ensure all equipment is available and in safe working condition
  • Replace and/or repair faulty equipment
  • Liaise with all Chief Officials to ensure equipment meets their requirements
  • Oversee the setting up and stowing away of equipment by allocated clubs
  • Participate in Competition sub-committee


Track and Field, and Cross Country positions may be considered separately.

  • Responsible for registration of athletes to VLAA, ensuring athletes are entered into
    correct age groups
  • Collection of fees and family levies and remittance to Centre Treasurer
  • Enter registration database
  • Issue registration labels and relevant information
  • Compile all necessary paperwork relating to registrations for VLAA

Publicity and Promotions Manager

  • Develop and implement a marketing plan for the Knox Centre aimed at attracting major sponsors for activities and projects
  • Ensure that all Knox Centre activities are promoted in the local community through
    publicity in local newspapers, schools and businesses
  • Submit articles to the Association for publication in the Little Athletics Magazine
  • Assist the Coaching co-ordinator in promoting the Centres skill development program with clubs and schools
  • Develop brochures, handouts, flyers and other publications for use by clubs in promoting Little Athletics in the local community


  • Verify and certify all Knox and Centre records
  • Investigate protests received from Team manager and uphold or dismiss protest
  • Participate in Competition sub-committee

Chief of Officials

  • Responsible for allocation of parents to man events on all competition days including
    Championship, Open Days/Twilight, Invitation Relay, Region and State Track & Field and Relay days
  • Maintain duty roster – allocation of points for best supporters club award
  • Liaise with Arena Manager, Key event officials, Program Manager/announcer, Club Secretary, centre Team Manager, Region Secretary (on Region championship days)
  • Participate in Competition sub-committee

Special Events Co-Ordinator

  • This can be one person or a group
  • Organises open & championship days for the centre
  • Produce & distributes entry forms
  • Collates entries & inputs into computer
  • Orders medals & ribbons
  • Works with duty official to produce duty roster
  • Organises lane draws
  • Co-ordinates program with programmer
  • Oversees the running of the day

Cross Country Chairperson

  • Responsible for conducting winter Cross Country competition
  • Chairperson – Cross Country committee
  • Organise Cross Country Open Day
  • Liaise with Region Cross Country group
  • Assist with promotion of Cross Country program

Region Delegate

  • Attend region meetings
  • Vote on issues on behalf of the Knox Centre, where instructed by Centre Executive
  • Report to Centre Executive on information received at Region meetings
  • Assist in the co-ordination of activities of common interest to member Centres and
    Divisions within Region
  • Maintain c0-operation, exchange administration and competition experiences with member Centres
  • Join sub-committee at Region level as required

Records Manager

  • Oversee all data entry into centre system (assist as required)
  • Deal with any errors and corrections needed
  • Print, file and collate all grading sheets
  • Print and distribute event sheets as required
  • Be available to Team Managers for ticket and result enquiries
  • Liaise with Registrar regarding entry of athlete information
  • Sort recording sheets; hold out records sheets for Records Manager
  • At seasons end, print out awards data – add manual points for camps etc and advise
    Exec Rep of award winners for each age group
  • Take full responsibility for the record management process including verification and
    record keeping/certificates for distribution – Centre & Knox Records
  • System update, publication (report for Exec meetings) chief official and athlete liaison
  • Create and keep up to date record log for storage of record performances
  • Create record log for each event for distribution to each Chief to indicate current record – to be updated whenever record is broken
  • Collate new records report for presentation to Competition panel at season’s end

Photography Coordinator

  • Photos: Normal Competition kept for one month and imported into descriptive named folder under “Temp” directory. Delete photos and corresponding photogallery after onef month.
  • Photos: Special events kept for 12 months and imported into descriptive named folder under “images” directory. Put link on “Photos” webpage. Delete photos and
    photogallery after 12 months.
  • Photos sent in other than from Knox LAC Official Photographers to be forwarded onto the compiler of end of season CD/DVD

Child Protection Officer (NEW January 2017)

  • Obtain current Working With Children Check (WWC) information from volunteers and outsourced personnel in accordance with WWC requirements. e.g. Centre and Club Executives, Chief Officials, Coaches, volunteers without children at the Centre. Collection may be assisted by Centre Secretary, and Competition and Coaching Committees.
  • Complete required training with Play by the rules (free) and Bravehearts (LAVic / Centre funded)
  • Maintain register of Working With Children (WWC) card holders and record of members that have completed the above training (folder in office).
  • Provide information to LAVic / Region and Department of Justice as required.
  • Keep Centre and Clubs up to date with Child Protection Policy (Policy) requirements.
  • Provide assistance and guidance in WWC and Policy related issues at the centre.