The 2021-22 summer track and field calendar and program schedule are available for download.

Knox LAC Winter Cross Country calendar will be posted April 2022 closer to the start of the cross country season.

September 2021
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mon 30Aug Tue 31Aug Wed 1Sep Thu 2Sep Fri 3Sep Sat 4Sep Sun 5Sep
Mon 6Sep Tue 7Sep Wed 8Sep Thu 9Sep Fri 10Sep Sat 11Sep Sun 12Sep
Mon 13Sep Tue 14Sep Wed 15Sep Thu 16Sep Fri 17Sep Sat 18Sep Sun 19Sep
Mon 20Sep Tue 21Sep Wed 22Sep Thu 23Sep Fri 24Sep Sat 25Sep Sun 26Sep
Mon 27Sep Tue 28Sep Wed 29Sep Thu 30Sep Fri 1Oct Sat 2Oct Sun 3Oct

Times are approximate. Dates, times, programs and locations are subject to change.