Training Videos for Exercise & Training. Things to do whilst in ISO.

Starting to get a little bit bored & need some ideas or inspiration while you are in ISO?

Mike Donato has uploaded a fair bit of content onto Youtube with the assistance of a select group of interns, assistant coaches, members from the sprint & throws squad,  he has recorded a wide range if exercise warm-ups, athletic training & gym workout sessions for athletes & parents to do at home while we are all in lockdown.

The videos will cover, foam rolling, a variety of warm-ups, activation & mobility, exercising at home using household equipment, circuit training, body weight training, introduction to barbells, introduction to olympic lifting, introduction to dumbbells, introduction to kettle bells, medicine ball, dumbbell, barbell & kettlebell workouts, speed & agility workouts, T&F event specific workouts, core workouts, stretching & more.

To find it Click here

You can see a series of themed playlists by clicking here

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