Knox Championship Day 2023 – Duty Roster and Event Information Update.

If you are competing at the Knox Track and Field Championship Day this Saturday, the duty roster has been finalised.

The duty roster can downloaded below.

Please note, that the duty roster is set up for morning and afternoon duty times. Please note your duty. There will be no changes to the duty roster.

Parent Duty is compulsory. If you are on duty in the morning you must sign in by 8.45am. Those that are on duty in the afternoon you must sign in by 12.45pm
Failure to attend duty will result in athletes being withdrawn from events.

Event Timetable
If you haven’t already done so, you can download the timetable below.

Uniforms and Name Patches
All athletes MUST wear correct CLUB uniform with name/registration patch. Knox Centre competition tops are not be worn.
Please do not forget to bring your name/registration patch. If you do not have a name patch on, you will not be permitted to compete.

Event Information

  • There are no call rooms and no event announcements, athletes need to be at their event 10 minutes before the listed time for each event.
  • There are no heats, all track events are straight finals.
  • If you have a track event and field event on at the same times, the TRACK event takes PRIORITY. Advise the field event that you will be there once you have finished your race.
  • There are only a few minutes allocated per athlete in most of the field events, so if you have a clash your field event (apart from high jump) may be over before you return. As long as you have advised the chief that you had a clash you will be able to fit your jumps/throws in while the next group is there, provided you return promptly.
  • Alternatively, if you have time beforehand, see if you can get your jumps/throws done earlier.

Live Results
A link to the live results will be available in the next day or so. You will be able to check your entries and start lists for each event. If you have forgotten which events you registered for you will be able to check the live results site prior to Saturday.

Canteen and BBQ
The canteen will be open. A BBQ will be running from 10am to 2pm and will have sausages and hamburgers for sale.

Medal Engraving
Medal engraving will be available on the day. The engraver will be located near shot put adjacent to the presentation area.

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