Are you proposing to Trial Little Athletics?

We recommend that you try out Little Aths before registering.

Little Athletics Victoria offers a two week trial. This will give prospective athletes a chance to see if they like it before they commit to the season. While our season has started there is still plenty of time to trial and join in Little Athletics.

For information on trialling as an athlete please head to the LAVic website here

If you want to register directly for the two week trial you can register here or clicking the link below

Note: Prospective athletes are welcome to try Little Aths, provided they have not previously attended or registered with Little Aths.

LAVic will provide the Centre your details as part if the trial registration process and the Knox LAC Registrar will email you prior to the first week of trailling with all the relevant details for the day.

If you have any other questions please contact the Registrar at

Please note this weekend athletics competition at Knox moved from Friday to Sunday starting at 3pm.

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